Double Jaw Surgery- My experience 6 weeks post op

Lauren Whitt | Dec 11, 2017

Youtube: Lauren Whitt

6 weeks ago I underwent double jaw surgery to fix a severe bite and jaw deformity/issue. This surgery is going to change my life for the better in so many ways. Watch this video for info on my recovery as well as must haves. First 15 mins is about where I am at and why I did this, the second 15 mins is must haves. Enjoy! I will soon post a video on if I’m happy I went through with this surgery so subscribe for updates and stay tuned!

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Names of must have items:

Jaw bra by lot fancy

Full face ice/hot pack

12oz condiment bottles

Happy by Fearne Cotton

Positivity kit by Lisa Currie

Baby toothbrush

Tongue scraper


Spry mouth moisturizing mouth spray

Surgeon Used:

Dr. Paul Madlock from Canyon Point Implant and Oral Surgery in Golden Colorado (highly recommend Orthodontist: Dr. Amy Shearer (dr madlocks wife)from Canyon Point Orthodontics